On January 26th 2019, i had complaint to the Longueuil police about my ex-laywer ( mrs. X) and her laywer ; Mr. R. for “fraud” and “extorsion” ( The court is granted me from tell you their names.. for now!)

The complain was taken by officer Nancy Jobin ( Nancy.jobin@longueuil.quebec).

Nancy Jobin told me to keep my documents, witch i had on a USB key until an investigator call me.

As you know, the police has closed my complain without meeting with me or even taking my documents. I will find out later on.

Then, after complaining to the director of the Longueuil police about it , my complain was reopen.

The new “complain” was look at by investigator ; Michel Chicoine. Who has use his discretion to closed it a second time. The police protect criminals in Quebec. Never trust the Longueuil police. They are liars and hypocrites!

You can reach Michael Chicoine either by email or by phone at ;


Tel. : (450) 463-7100 ext. : 2679

The reality is that the police is protecting my ex-lawyer. And, at the same time, my ex-lawyer can lie and get me arrested to silence me.

So, i will exposed them all now and all the corruption in Quebec. You will see how the police is very dishonest. You will see how the Quebec’s BAR is corrupted and also that the Minister of justice is very dishonest and corrupted as well.

So, to start with… here, below, a copy of my statement to the police on January 26th 2019. The case ID is LGM-190126-018.

My ex-laywer is represent by “Mrs. X” and her lawyer by ; Mr. R.