Since the court is granting me from telling the name of my ex-lawyer to protect her.. i will be calling her “Mrs. X”.

I did complain many times to the crooked Quebec BAR about Mrs. X.… but the Quebec BAR has been rejecting my complains against her and this without even reading them. The Quebec Bar’s is a very dishonest institution.

So, let me show you…

On February 2nd 2018, i had sent them multiple complains about Mrs. X that i had break down to 10 complains to make it easier for them.

My first complain is “Gestion du dossier”. (documents administration)

Mrs. X has been charging me for “documents administration”.. but, she didn’t have any documents in files. it’s a fraud!

BTW, the Longueuil police has not only violated my rights but had used their discretion to not prosecute her even if i had showed them that mrs. X is a complete fraud.

So, first, you can see she “charged me $ on May 18th for “gestion de dossier” ( Documents administration) and also for opening the file.

On May 22nd 2018, Mrs X secretary; mrs F tells me they didn’t have any documents in my files except one.. witch was a copy of the “lawsuit”!

That is strange,,, because the document was send to me on June 10 2017…

So, on May 18th 2017, the files was empty. Because her document was built on my document that i had send her on May 25th 2017..

So, how can Mrs. X justify her “charges” on May 18th 2017″?

She can’t because she had no documents!

Mrs. X was charging me for no reasons. She is a fraudster.

I had complain about her to the crooked Quebec BAR syndicate… they told me i was wrong!

The Quebec’s BAR is under police investigation for “a $500,000 fraud.

on May 19th 2017, Mrs X. wrote to her associate to send her his documents so she can put the files up to date!