Swathi Nettem – Synergy Technologies LLc

You probably know “Verify Jester”… You can find this “keyword” on a few domains such as “LegalBriefts.com”…. The domain “LegalBriefts.com” is own by Synergy Technologies LLc.. The president of “Synergy Technologies Llc is Swathi Nettem… Here is a picture of Swathi Nettem… Synergy Technologies Llc is into “premium domains” business… They own the domain “MKUltra.com”…

Michel “Hypocrite” Picard – Member of the Parlement

Do you remember Michel “Hypocrite” Picard, a member of the Canadian Parlement… We did talk about him before… Michel “Hypocrite” Picard was contacted in 2016, but refused to help me. Michel “hypocrite” Picard’s duty is to represent all citizens… except me! Michel “hypocrite” Picard has commit “public mischief”. And, i did asked the police to … Continued