Rick Ferguson and the CIA, DOJ and the White House

First, you will see “Randy-maugans.cia.gov”…. But, if you push your investigation, you will find “Randy-maugans.cia.gov.net”… So, you could find “HAGoodman.com.doj.gov”… But, if you push your investigation , you will get “HAGoodman.com.doj.gov.net”… You will also find “WhiteHouse.gov”… But, if you push your investigation, ,you will find “WhiteHouse.gov.net”… The owner of the domain “Gov.net” is Skylonda Group … Continued

Swathi Nettem – Synergy Technologies LLc

You probably know “Verify Jester”… You can find this “keyword” on a few domains such as “LegalBriefts.com”…. The domain “LegalBriefts.com” is own by Synergy Technologies LLc.. The president of “Synergy Technologies Llc is Swathi Nettem… Here is a picture of Swathi Nettem… Synergy Technologies Llc is into “premium domains” business… They own the domain “MKUltra.com”…

ICANN – Google – Test environment

You probably know the IP 127.0.01 with InfoSecIsland?… You then probably know that the IP is owns by ICANN ( IANA) and it’s used to do testing… So, could i interest you in “IamTooDumbToSetUpDNS”? You surely know Scot Terban aka Krypt3ia?… Ain’t like ICANN is a stranger to those “IamTooDumbToSetUpDNS”… BTW, did you notice … Continued