Fady Dagher – Director of Longueuil Police – Violating my rights to justice

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On December 13th 2019, i had wrote to Fady Dagher , director of the Longueuil police asking him to open an investigation about those internet subdomains.

Fady Dagher never answered back. In fact, i was told by one of his officer that they won’t open an investigation.

Below, the original email sent to Fady Dagher. Many people where in CC. such as Annie Gougeon ( police officer) , Michel Letarte (director at the Longueuil police) and Matthew Perry (FBI special agent).

I had also included some screenshots about subdomains where i am slandered and some about subdomains with the domain “Doj.gov” aka Dept. of justice and with “HillaryClinton.com”.

Not only that the Longueuil police has been violating my right to justice, but they all knew about all the criminality of internet. They are complice of it.

In Quebec, there is no justice. It’s all corrupted.

Here is the original email with the documents (screenshots) that was included with the email.

Below, the documents ( screnshosts) that were included with the email sent to Fady Dagher…

I also had sent the Longueuil police more emails with explanations and more data. They even meet with me for other things where i had show some of the investigators this internet story. They knew all about the criminality of internet.

The police of Qc, the govt of Qc and the Qc Bar had been violating my rights to justice and also had been covering this for years.

You are all invited to contact Fady Dagher and let him know that his job is to investigate complains by citizens.

Fady Dagher can be reach at : fady.dagher@longueuil.quebec

And when you complain about this to the Quebec police deontology, they say the police didn’t violated my rights to justice!

The Quebec police deontology is as corrupted as the rest in QC. You can reach them at ; deontologie-policiere.quebec@msp.gouv.qc.ca

The Quebec police deontology who says that they didn’t violated my rights is “Helene Tremblay”. You can reach her at ” helene.tremblay@msp.gouv.qc.ca

They are so dishonest at the Quebec police deontology that they don’t even mention the reason of the initial complain in their dishonest report with is that the Longueuil police is refusing to investigated my complain. Not a word on it.!!! So dishonest!

Please boycott the province of Quebec, the most corrupted province in Quebec.

You can also complain to the minister of public security ; Genevieve Guibault at “minister@msp.gouv.qc.ca

Let them know that citizens have rights!

So, i had asked them a revision of their dishonest decision …

I will keep you update on their dishonest work!