Claudia Premont

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Claudia Premont is the ex-head of the Quebec’s Bar (2016). She knew all my problems in finding a lawyer but still had refused to help me after multiple requests. Claudia Premont was aware of all the corruption on internet by the leaders of ICANN.

Claudia Premont was also using her position for her owns benefits and interests.

Claudia Premont can not explain how they can be a democracy in a society where the justice is not accessible to the majority of citizens. In fact, the laws are writing by themselves, for themselves and are not applied equally to everyone. The laws are made to protect criminals.

Claudia Premont is, in part, responsable for the corruption that exist in the Quebec dysfunctional judiciary system.

As head of the Bar, Claudia Premont knows that the main mission of the Quebec’s Bar is to protect all citizen, witch she has refused to do.

Claudia Premont had, instead, done some “abuse of power” and “discrimination”.

We are requesting that Claudia Premont be charged with “Criminal negligence”. Claudia Premont has failed to protect myself but has protected the criminals.

Claudia Premont is a traitor to the population of Quebec and the United States of America.

Claudia Premont