Dan Halloran

Dan Halloran is, in term of longevity, the oldest employee of ICANN.org Dan Halloran is mr. Does it all at ICANN. On june 14th 2016, Chris Lahatte, ex-ombudsman at ICANN told me that Dan Halloran had some discussion with him about the subdomains. 10 days later, Chris Lahatte was fired for telling me. The test … Continued

Chris Lahatte

Chris Lahatte was ICANN’s ombudsman until June 2016 when he got fired for telling me that ICANN’s security team has made some verifications about those subdomains. Chris Lahatte was aware of those subdomains since minimum 2013 but has chosen to cover this up. Chris Lahatte told “Robert Stanley” that i was creating those subdomains and … Continued

Herb Waye

Herb Waye is ICANN’s ombudsman since June 2016. Herb Waye has worked for the RCMP ( Canada federal police) for 35 years. Here Waye has refused to investigate corruption at ICANN saying it’s all allegations. Herb Waye knows that all complaints are allegations until they are investigated. Herb Waye knew about all the corruption at … Continued