Guy Bilodeau

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Guy Bilodeau is the “Syndic” of the Quebec’s Bar, an syndic(ate) aka Union of lawyers.

Guy Bilodeau is a lawyer.

Guy Bilodeau has been playing dumb and lying with his team of dishonest lawyers such as Guylaine Mallette and Pierre Despaties to protect some other dishonest lawyers.

Guy Bilodeau does a dishonest job.

Guy Bilodeau has granted me arbitrary from having an appeal on his crime syndic(ate) dishonest job over my complains.

Guy Bilodeau is a dishonest individual. Not only that he is refusing to do an appropriated work and granting me from having an appeal from his dishonest work, he also mention that i always came with the same reasons against the same lawyers.

His letter is dated July 2018. Some events did happened after this date. Guy Bilodeau is fully aware but had choose to keep on playing “dumb” that he is.

Guy Bilodeau is a bad liar. I will answer to each of his crooked team reports to each of my complaint, one by one and prove that Guy Bilodeau is lying and been dishonest to protect dishonest “lawyers”.

I recommend that Guy Bilodeau be accused of “criminal negligence” for his work and role in covering crimes done by his staff and others lawyers.