Paul-Mathieu Grondin

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Paul-Mathieu Grondin is the “head” of the Quebec’s Bar ; an association of lawyers, nothing more.

Well, the Quebec’s Bar is a dishonest association.

As by Lu Chan Khuong, an ex- “head” of the Quebec’s Bar, it seem that Paul-Mathieu Grondin and the members of the Quebec’s Bar had stolen more than $500,000 by charging “extras”.

So, i asked the “dishonest” syndic ; Guy Bilodeau to open an investigate about those serious allegations from Lu Chan Khuong against Paul-Mathieu Grondin and the Quebec’s Bar members of the board.

And, i had request that Guy Bilodeau , after completing his investigation , that he provide me a detail copy of his report. See, Guy Bilodeau and his team at the Syndic are very dishonest people. For sure, they didn’t stole their reputation of “gangsters”. The “syndic” and his team have an bad habit of lying to protect crooked lawyers.

So, i will keep you up to date on this. If you are not aware, you will see how corrupt it is in Quebec.

Paul-Mathieu Grondin

And here are the 2016-17 Quebec’s Bar board members..

This morning there were a good text in the newspaper ; La Presse by the journalist ; Patrick Lagacé.. it’s in french.. but worth to read ( you can translate) … click on the image to get to the post on LaPresse. Patrick Lagacé is questioning himself about the police in Qc..

If you are not aware,.. in Quebec, it’s pretty much corrupt in the justice and the government!