Michel “Hypocrite” Picard – Member of the Parlement

Do you remember Michel “Hypocrite” Picard, a member of the Canadian Parlement… We did talk about him before… Michel “Hypocrite” Picard was contacted in 2016, but refused to help me. Michel “hypocrite” Picard’s duty is to represent all citizens… except me! Michel “hypocrite” Picard has commit “public mischief”. And, i did asked the police to … Continued

Rick Ferguson and the CIA, DOJ and the White House

First, you will see “Randy-maugans.cia.gov”…. But, if you push your investigation, you will find “Randy-maugans.cia.gov.net”… So, you could find “HAGoodman.com.doj.gov”… But, if you push your investigation , you will get “HAGoodman.com.doj.gov.net”… You will also find “WhiteHouse.gov”… But, if you push your investigation, ,you will find “WhiteHouse.gov.net”… The owner of the domain “Gov.net” is Skylonda Group … Continued

How the corrupt justice in Quebec is violating my rights to silence me!

On January 26th 2019, i went to the police to put a complain for fraud and extorsion against my ex-fraudulent lawyer…. Well, i never heard nothing about it until yesterday… when i read the proofs dossier against me… You see, in Quebec, the government of Qc, the Minister of justice and the corrupt Quebec’s Bar … Continued

The corrupt Quebec Provincial Police

Have you ever been satisfy with the police work? Maybe you are aware that in Quebec, the police doesn’t really work for the citizens, neither the government of Quebec. And, less the hypocrites politicians such as Michel Picard and Jean-Bernard Emond. We will get back to them later on… So, in 2011, i went to … Continued