Michel “Hypocrite” Picard – Member of the Parlement

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Do you remember Michel “Hypocrite” Picard, a member of the Canadian Parlement…

We did talk about him before…

Michel “Hypocrite” Picard was contacted in 2016, but refused to help me.

Michel “hypocrite” Picard’s duty is to represent all citizens… except me!

Michel “hypocrite” Picard has commit “public mischief”. And, i did asked the police to charge him. No member of the parlement is above the laws.

Don’t vote for him.. .Michel “hypocrite” Picard is one big hypocrite. (Michel Picard has lost his election in October 2019)

So, Michel “Hypocrite” Picard is security expert in “money laundering”, “white collar” fraud specialist…

Well, Michel “hypocrite” Picard is a “fraud” specialist!… But, when we talk about fraud and money laundering to him, he refused to see about it. Michel “Hypocrite” Picard doesn’t have any credibility!

And, Michel “Hypocrite” Picard was secretary to Ralph Goodale, minister of security in Canada… Well, Here is Ralph Goodale with John Gates, a fraudster…

John Gates is welcome to sue me if he doesn’t agree…. then, i will exposed him! John Gates is the owner of the Web Group…. fully documented! I just haven’t exposed him yet.. but, it will come!

So, i have called back Michel “Hypocrite” Picard to get help for a second time…against the Corrupt Quebec’s BAR…. But, Michel “Hypocrite” Picard has refused to help me again!

Michel “Hypocrite” Picard all know the story with me… and all the corruption on internet by their leaders…but choose to closed his eyes and refused to help me against the corrupt Quebec’s BAR….

So, i had call his office a second time, in July 2019 to get help….

Here is the conversation… with her assistant ; Lorraine Lacharité, who all knew about the corruption…. as she was often put in CC when i was sending “explanation emails…

Michel “Hypocrite” Picard has no more credibility to talk about fraud!

Do yourself a favor, don’t vote for Michel “hypocrite” Picard or any of the crooks at the Liberal Party of Canada….(Justin Trudeau)… See they don’t give a shit about citizens except themselves!

So, you can listing to my phone call with Michel “hypocrite” Picard’s assistant ; Lorraine Lacharité… You will then see they are all know about the online corruption with their leaders…and the crooked Quebec’s BAR… and Michel “hypocrite” Picard says to be a “fraud” experts… Well, sound to me , he is just another politian “fraudster”…with no credibility!

In the conversation, i talk about Hillary Clinton, FBI, Pedo…on purpose…. Well, you might want to call Michael “hypocrite” Picard, a security expert,, and ask him what he is doing about it??? the answer is Nothing!

Instead of helping me like it’s his obligation and mandate, he tried to get me arrested saying that i was “threatening” him witch is a complete lie. The police visited in August 2019 but dropped the charges against me after listening to this recordings .

Michel Picard has commit “Public Mischief” ART 140.1 (a) (b) of the Criminal laws of Canada.