BlazingHost – A host to avoid.

You might know “”… If you do, them, you know they are no good and you might encounters a few “downs” with your website… A lot of time, my website “” was down…and this very often, i would have problem connecting … Well, very often i had problems connecting to my website… with my host … Continued

Robert Stanley – Backstabbing liar

You probably remember Robert Stanley from Unicus Magazine… You will see his name often in those subdomains such as this one with … “Are-we-having-fun-yet-Robert-backstabbing-liar-Stanley”…? So, you could probably make a connection with this video… Backstabbed? It’s similar to “Backstabbing”… Liar? It does show in the subdomain as well. CointelPro? You probably remember “Mel Fabregas”… … Continued

Joost Zuurbier ( Robert Gilet)

Robert Gilet was a radio host in the city of Quebec. In 2002, he was arrested in an “prostitution” operations with minors ( sex slave under 18 yo). The rumors says that “judges” and “elite people” benefits from a cover up and where protected by the police. The expression “Tabernak” is attributed to a Quebec … Continued

John Gates – The Web Group

You probably know “Traffic Factory”… You probably know that Traffic Factory is owns by “WGCZ”…. aka Web Group … You probably also know that Robert Carroll was COO ( Chief Operating Officer) at Traffic Factory… and that “CZ” stand for CZech republic… You probably also know that “” is also owns by WGCZ… You might … Continued