How the corrupt justice in Quebec is violating my rights to silence me!

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On January 26th 2019, i went to the police to put a complain for fraud and extorsion against my ex-fraudulent lawyer….

Well, i never heard nothing about it until yesterday… when i read the proofs dossier against me…

You see, in Quebec, the government of Qc, the Minister of justice and the corrupt Quebec’s Bar has been violating my rights for years because i had exposed their corruption and frauds.

Now, they are trying to silence me.

So, they came out with this fake dossier against me to have me arrested. They all doing this for revenge and to silence me.

So, as i was reading their “poor” proofs of the police against me.. i saw that my complain has been closed without even talking to me. It’s more abuses to my expense.

Sylvie Champagne, Barreau du Québec

They had violated my rights again! Please do support me and boycott the most corrupted province in Canada ; Quebec!

So far, i still haven’t got answers about it.

I want to know who ordered to the police to closed my legit complain. When it was closed and why?

So far, no answers had been provided by the police. It’s pure abuse because i had exposed a huge fraud done by the Quebec’s Bar head ; Paul-Mathieu Grondin and his team of losers!

I also had exposed the corrupt Quebec Provincial Police…more losers!

and i also had exposed the crooked Minister of justice in Quebec…

So now, they want to silence me. It’s a violation of my rights and abuse of power! Please boycott the Province of Quebec. Don’t visit us, Don’t invest in Quebec. We don’t deserve to be slave from a dishonest government!