Renée Madore – ex-sous-minister of justice and the QC provincial Police Goons

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In 2016, since the crooked Quebec’s BAR was refusing to help me with my problem to find a lawyer, i had called Renée Madore.

Renée Madore, ex-sous-minister of justice Quebec

Renée Madore was responsible for “justice access”…

So, i first called her…

At first, i told her that i wanted to talk with her because i had some problem finding a lawyer and the corrupt Quebec’s Bar was refusing to help.

You might know that in a society of laws, if most of the people can’t have access to the justice, there is no “democracy”.

So, i waited for her to return my call… that never came. So, i called her back a second time.. with the same issues.

And again, she never answered back. In fact, in Quebec, the justice is rigged and corrupt. So, i eventually got pissed.. Got to understand that since 2011 , i had been lied too by the police and since around 2014, i had been laugh at by the lawyers and the crooked Quebec’s BAR of Quebec.

So, i called her back.. and i left her a message.

I told her something like ” Are you working at the justice?”, “Why don’t you return my call?”…

So, Renée Madore probably got pissed by me and decided to send me 2 goons of the Quebec Provincial Police.

So, i was visited on July 17th 2016 by “Officer Simon Lelièvre” and “sergeant David Paré” of the Quebec Provincial Police.

Simon Lelièvre, Quebec Provincial Police Goon

They had no “arrest warrant”. It was obvious that they visited me to arrest me to brings me somewhere to beat me up. But, since i wasn’t alone at home, and probably saw that i wasn’t gonna be an easy target… they left after a long discussion.

I asked both their business card,,, but Simon Lelièvre didn’t want to give me his card…

But, sergent David Paré did give me his card.. so, i then asked Simon Lelièvre to sign his name on David Paré’s business card…

In fact, when Dave Paré did realize that he was actually giving me proof of their visit , he tried to grab back his business card from me… but didn’t have any success.

To this, Dave Paré and Simon Lelièvre where sent by Renée Madore to have me shut down… but failed.

To this i am requesting that Dave Paré and Simon Lelièvre be investigated. The need to provide the “arrest warrant” or any document that show why they visited me…. Because, they had committed “criminal negligence” and “Abuse of power”.

Not because you are minister of justice that you can tell the police to visit people without providing documents… to have them arrested just because you want them to shut out.

So, Renée Madore also needs to provide explanation. Because, she also committed “abuse of power” and “criminal negligence” and must be investigate.

Renée Madore was remove from her position at the justice later after.

I even reported this incident to the FBI the same day…

And since, Dave Paré had no clue about my story, he accepted that i wrote him an email to explain him what was going on …. on the same day!

So, i told Dave Paré about what was going on internet… did he did something about it? Nope! But, you see, they all knew even in July 2016.

As for Renée Madore, since she didn’t know why i needed a lawyer… i wrote to her… and we did exchanged some emails…

So, i wrote to her to tell her my story.. i even inclosed 25 attachments to my email. I even told her about Claudia Prémont ( ex-head of the corrupt Quebec’s BAR) witch was refusing to help me.

You can also notice a picture of “Randy Maugans” in those attachments sent to her in my email…

To this, Renée Madre wrote back telling me that she still couldn’t help me… but was aware of all the corruption online.

Renée Madore has committed “criminal negligence” and “abuse of power” by refusing to help me and also because she did sent me those 2 goons to shut me out with any valid reason…

I request that they all be investigated and suspended.

I even wrote back later on to tell her again that the crooked Quebec’s Bar was still refusing to help me. But again, she told me she couldn’t help me.

She told me that since is not an obligation to be represented by a lawyer, she couldn’t do nothing…later on, in another email send to me…

Well, see their game… it’s how they protect criminals… victims like myself can’t get access to a lawyer.. so, we can’t get a “fair” trial or even justice!

The justice in Quebec protect the criminals better than victim. If you are accused of a crime, they will provide you a lawyer and they will also pay for it.. but, if you want to sue a crooked corporation like GoDaddy,,, good luck.. you will be on your own!

Please boycott the Province of Quebec. Don’t visit the most corrupt province in Canada. Don’t invest in the province of Quebec. The Government is corrupt and don’t work for their citizens no more. The justice system is rigged to protect criminals.

And see, on February 13th 2017, Renée Madore had again to me to tell me that she did received my email and told me again that she couldn’t do nothing about the corrupt Quebec’s BAR..

She also mention that she haven’t saw the attachments that i had showed up. ( She is probably lying)… And if so, then, you see, the make decision base on their “ignorance” and in the “indifference” of your problems.

Notice, she even put “Nathalie Roberge” ( she was the Head of staff of Stéphanie Vallée ” ex-minister of justice).

She also had put “Claudia Premont” (ex -head of the corrupt Quebec’s BAR)…

In fact, i even called Nathalie Roberge a few times to get a meeting with the. She never answered back.

Nathalie Roberge and Stéphanie Vallée has also committed “criminal negligence” as well.

If those minister of justice, sous-minister of justice can’t do nothing about my problems with the corrupt Quebec’s Bar.. who can?

To this, if you want justice in Quebec, you must do it yourself unless you are a criminals, they will all take care of them.. making sure they brings you in their “bureaucatie” endless story.

On this, i will be requesting a police investigation on all those clowns!