Dan Halloran

Dan Halloran is, in term of longevity, the oldest employee of ICANN.org Dan Halloran is mr. Does it all at ICANN. On june 14th 2016, Chris Lahatte, ex-ombudsman at ICANN told me that Dan Halloran had some discussion with him about the subdomains. 10 days later, Chris Lahatte was fired for telling me. The test … Continued

New Ventures Services aka Network Solutions

You probably know that Network Solutions was founded by Emmitt McHenry… And, since i already told you about the “IamTooDumbToSetUpDNS”… Let see into this… So, first, you can see “PokerIncomeGuide”… If you visit the whois, for “PokerIncomeGuide.com”, you would find out that it’s owns by New Ventures Services Inc .. aka Network Solutions… witch is … Continued