Alexis Aubry – Cabinet director of the minister of justice in Quebec ; Simon Jolin-Barrette

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Simon Jolin-Barrette, minister of justice

Simon Jolin-Barrette can also be reach at ” ”

Alexis Aubry, Director of cabinet for the Minister of justice

Since October 2020, i had been trying to get an appoint with Simon Jolin-Barrette in order to find a solution to my problems with the lawyers and the crooked Quebec BAR.

But, guess what… after 3 months,, i am still ignored by the office of the minister of justice. You shouldn’t be surprised… they don’t give a shit about citizens or myself.

So, first, in October 2020, i wrote an email to the minister of justice office asking for a meeting with the minister of justice himself ; Simon Jolin-Barrette…

I did received an email confirmation…

Well, it’s an automatic confirmation… it doesn’t meen they are actually reading your emails… ( they don’t)…

Anyhow, i also did wrote a few time to Alexis Aubry’s email…

Alexis Aubry has still failed to respond back…

So, don’t waste your time writing emails to them…. either they don’t read them or they just don’t give a shit about you!

So, you could call them…

On november 24th 2020, i did call Alexis Aubry. He was no were to be find… so, i did leave my phone number to his receptionist ; Ginette Morin so that Alexis Aubry could call me back.

Alexis Aubry has still fail to return his phone call.

So, since i didn’t get any news since, on December 14th 2020 , i called back…and this time i was able to talk with Alexis Aubry’s assistant ; Michael Bisson…

Michael Bisson, Minister of justice

So, i was able to talk with Michael Bisson…

I even tell him about my arrest by the minister of justice base on lies!

I also tell him about “Hillary Clinton”

I also tell him since 2011 the government of Qc is playing with me and violated my rights to justice.

I tell him about Claudia Premont , head of the Quebec Bar in 2016 who refused to help me.

I tell him about the lawyers refusing to represent me.

I tell him that i did had a lawsuit before, but the court ended it because i wasn’t able to fill out some paperwork and i also mention that the court has lost the proofs that i provided and needed to start all over again.

I tell him that i had previously contacted over 700 lawyers and none want to represent me.

I also tell him about the head of the QC Bar ; Paul-Mathieu Grondin who is under police investigation for a $500,000 fraud…

I tell him that police (Longueuil) is refusing to investigate.

I tell him that the big tech , including Google and Microsoft have a fraudulant system in place.

I also mention “money laundering”. I tell him about my website and the subdomains.

I even ask his name… but since i am almost deafth… i understand “Doucet” instead of “Bisson”. He reply yes it’s his name. I even spell “D-O-U-C-E-T” and he tell me is corrupt… the only problem… his name ain’t Doucet but Bisson!

So, i tell Michael Bisson that since it’s December 14th, he could call me back early in January since it’s the holidays.

Alexis Aubry and Michael Bisson has still failed to respond back.

If you have a question for Michael Bisson, he can be reach at “”

So, as they still haven’t call me back…on January 19th 2021.. i called back Alexis Aubry’s office… and leave his receptionist ; Ginette Morin a message with my phone numbers to Alexis Aubry to call me back.

As today, January 27th 2021, and this after 3 months… i still haven’t received any feedback by them.

You would be stupid to think they will call you back. They don’t give a shit about the citizens.

In Quebec, not only it’s fully corrupted at the justice and at the government,,, but they had been covering all the criminality that i had been exposing on this website since 2011.