The ballad of the Clinton’s with Robert Olsson

(1) >>>> >>>>>> Robtex (2) >>>>> >>>>>>> Robtex (3) >>>>>> >>>>>>> Robert Olsson aka Robtex (4)   >>>>>>>  >>>>>>>> Robtex (5) >>>>>>> >>>>>>> Robert Olsson aka Robtex (6) >>>>>> >>>>> Robert Olsson aka Robtex

Michel “Hypocrite” Picard – Member of the Parlement

Do you remember Michel “Hypocrite” Picard, a member of the Canadian Parlement… We did talk about him before… Michel “Hypocrite” Picard was contacted in 2016, but refused to help me. Michel “hypocrite” Picard’s duty is to represent all citizens… except me! Michel “hypocrite” Picard has commit “public mischief”. And, i did asked the police to … Continued

Google – BlogSpot

You probably remember “Scot Terban” aka “Krypt3ia”… You probably also remember Scot Terban’s phone number… You probably remember … Here is a picture of Scot Terban… Scot Terban ‘s nickname is “Krypt3ia” (Cryptology CIA)… You might then remember those “IamTooDumbToSetUp DNS”… So , you probably also know that BlogSpot is owns by Google… So, … Continued