Google are spammers!

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Are you receiving spams?

Well, Google are spammers.

The goal of all spams is to bring you to another website , either to sell you something or even steal your sensitive info.

Spammers have one song… it goes like this ; Spam! Spam! Spam! Click! Click! Click! Money! Money! Money! it’s mostly “click-fraud” their business.

When you received a spam, in most case… the emails of the senders is fake. You could put anything. Even the receipiant email ain’t yours in most cases.

So, their goal is to bring you to another website. To do so, they will put “backlink” in their spam. You can easily find out what is the backlink by putting your cursor over the image or a phrase like : “Click here”.

Anyone could send a spam and put any backlink…but very few can add a “forward” function to the backlink.

Below… you have 3 backlinks with “” witch is owns by Google Inc.

Spamming is illegal and it was reported to ICANN and to MarkMonitor ( another bunch of online crooks) to suspend the domain “” for spamming. So far, nothing has been done.

Below… 3 spams in witch “” is used in the backlink.

The spams are mostly about “Shoppers Drug Mark” or “gambling”…

August 11th 2020

August 30th 2020

September 21st 2020

So, we have reported this to’s accredited registar ; MarkMonitor and ICANN. As they would know, spamming is illegal and they need to suspend the domain “”.

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The accredited registrar ; MarkMonitor, is telling us bullshit. We are not complaining about Google’s content, but about the fact that Google’s sending spams.

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As an accredited registrar, MarkMonitor has the obligation to investigate all complains, But, as you can see,,, they will tell you some bullshit. That is how those crooks protect themselves together.