ICANN , the internet criminals

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No.1 >>>>> Chris LaHatte , ex-ombudsman at ICANN.

He was fired by ICANN 10 days after this email…

No.2 >>>>>> Daniel Halloran, witch is the oldest employee of ICANN in term of experience..

No.3 >>>>>> David Piscitello, witch is Vice-president security at ICANN.org

David Piscitello, ICANN vice-president security

No.4 GoDaddy… ICANN’s biggest reseller ( Accredited Registrar)…

Click here to read more about GoDaddy

Those people have done some security check on GoDaddy…. but, they had washed their hands…

And, if they did a verification… it’s because, i am Ben Deschenes!

GoDaddy, ICANN and more are getting sue…

You can read more about ;



ReInvent Inc aka Kevin Ham ( Kevin Ham wasn’t “process serve”. He is hiding in Barbados)


XYZ aka Daniel Negari ( witch has decline to answer to the lawsuit) . He is guilty by default.

They are more lawsuit coming soon! http://bdq.ca/icann-org/