Judge Claudia Premont – a hypocrite

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In February 2016, i contacted Claudia Premont, head of the Quebec BAR about my difficulties in finding a lawyer.

She had refused to help me saying that it was her problem. She even wrote me a letter in Feb. 2016 to let me know.

I kept on searching,,,but sitll couldn’t find a lawyer. I then wrote to the vice-president of the board of director of the Qc BAR, witch his law firm was representing GoDaddy. I am Ben Deschenes…

Antoine Aylwin wrote to Claudia Premont asking her to help me.

Claudia Premont still refused… she wrote me a second letter in October 2016 to let me know that she did told me that it wasn’t her problem and i should keep on searching….

In march 2020, Claudia Premont did an interview… and she was asked what would she do if she had a “magic stick” …

She answer that she will make it possible for everyone to have access to the justice…

She was promoted to “judge”…1 month after.

Claudia Premont even knew about the corruption on internet. She even knew about “Hillary Clinton” subdomains… I told her in October 2016 when i find out.

She didn’t care like she didn’t care about me. You can see the subject of the email to be ; “Hillary Clinton”

I also did inclosed this document to my email..

Claudia Premont is an hypocrite and a traitor.

Since 2011, the govt of Qc (police, Qc, BAR and others) had been trying to silence me from having justice. They had not only been trying to silence but they had been covering all the corruption.

We do have stats…and know a lot about our visitor..even if they hide under a proxy…

Then, after you cold banned their IP address.