Lawyer Richard Raymond – Violation of Code of conduct – Art 8 – False representation

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First, if you want to find out if an individual is actually a registered lawyer in Quebec, you could search the directory of lawyers of the Quebec BAR.

Richard Raymond is a lawyer. Click here to see his profile. The directory is free, available to the public and online.

Lawyer Richard Raymond

In the past, Richard Raymond has represented my ex-lawyer against me.

Richard Raymond is a dishonest lawyer. I will show you what he and my ex-lawyer did after a negociation in a lawsuit.

But for now, Richard Raymond has violated his code of conduct Art 8 with false representation.

The article 8 of the code of conduct of the lawyers says that he is forbiden to make a false representation what so ever.

Richard Raymond was using the logo and address of the lawfirm ; LawBox on Legal document dated of December 19th 2018.

As by the owner of the lawfirm of Lawbox ; Alexandre Tremblay’s statement of December 27th 2018 , Richard Raymond haven’t been working for them, and this for multiple months.

Alexandre Tremblay of Lawbox’s lawfirm also mentioned that his law firm never represented my ex-lawyer . ( the name of the lawyer is hidded as by the request of the court in order to protect her).

Well, the lawfirm says that they never represented this lawyer, but Richard Raymond was surely using “LawBox” logo and address with his communication when negociating with me for the lawsuit he did on behalf of this lawyer.

Richard Raymond was probably working under the counter to avoid giving a % commission to the lawfirm. It would explain why he wanted to refund me in “cash”.

This has been reported to the Quebec’s BAR syndic. They did nothing about it except saying that Richard Raymond wasn’t in violation of his code of conduct.

If Richard Raymond ain’t happy about this post and think it’s difamation against him, he can address this matter to the court.

More to come about Richard Raymond dirty business in up coming posts.