Nancy Brouillette

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Nancy Brouillette is lawyer.

Nancy Brouillette has been involved with lawyers for a while at the Montreal’s Bar. She is a part of the “management” of the organisation.

I had contacted to get help in finding a lawyer to help me. I did explained her that the lawyers were refusing to help me.

Nancy Brouillette explained me that “access to the justice” is a privilege, not a rights.

Does Nancy Brouillette thinks they can be a democracy in a society who says to be equal when most of the citizens can’t have access to a lawyer? There is no democracy in Quebec.

Nancy Brouillette, manager Montreal’s Bar

Well, the Monteal’s Bar has over 15,000 lawyers under “membership” with them.

They also have more than 40 “working groups”…

The Montreal’s Bar is under supervision of the Quebec’s Bar …and imagine this, the Quebec’s Bar does also have a “working-group” about “access to justice”.

Well, i had contacted each one of those members…. only one has answered back ; Mani Allamehzadeh.

The others? They don’t give a shit about citizens access to a lawyer. You could ask them how much money they did received with each meeting they did…

The Quebec’s Bar is also under investigation for “defrauding” more than 500,000$ in meeting compensation.

By the first constatation, it seem that the board members of the Quebec’s Bar have disguise their crime between themselves.

I will get back on this later. But, i had asked the Minister of Justice to see about it. They previously told me to see myself with the corrupted Quebec’s Bar. For a mafia, you can’t find better.

We also asked UPAC (Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit of Quebec police to see into this multiple time. Never hear back from them. I will get back to it later on.

And, today, we did asked the Minister of public safety to see how the investigation is going at UPAC on this.

In Quebec, there is a few problems such a “corruption”. But, one big things is nobody is responsable for nothing at the government.

So, if you still think living in a democracy in Quebec, it’s probably because you are part of the corruption.