Nancy Pelosi – an hypocrite

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Nancy Pelosi is “Speaker of the House” at the US. Congress. She is member of the Démocrates party.

So, i called her office on July 12th 2019 to let her know that it was an “inside” job… no Russians! No collusion!

Nancy Pelosi dream to impeach President Donald Trump… but, she would be wrong! President Donald Trump has nothing to do with all this fraud and corruption. So, i wanted to let her know, because the démocrates are abusing… and should get back on earth….

But, after 1 month after my call to her… i haven’t received any feedback… So, i guess the Démocrates are not interest in the truth!

So, if you want my suggestion… You should support President Donald Trump, he is the best president ever!

I even send her an email… with the request of receiving a feedback… Well, i never received nothing, but i was added to her mailing list! Sorry, i don’t wish to received their garbage! 😉

So, to listing to my conversation with Nancy Pelosi ‘s office,, you can click on the Phone below…

Well, Sound like Nancy Pelosi ain’t interest to listing to me… So, i can’t wait to see Adam “Pinocchio” Schiff’s proofs of Russians Collusion… Because, there is none!