Alexandre Lahaie

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As you could probably know , i had contacted Sylvie Trepanier ; Nathalie Roy’s political senior advisor, my parlement representative. But, she had refused to see about my problems. I was requesting a meeting with her to talk about the abuses of power and the discrimination of the Quebec’s Bar against me. I also wanted to talk about the corruption at the Quebec’s Bar.

Well, do you think it’s something new that Nathalie Roy’s staff refuses to meet with me? Not at all. In fact, Sylvie Trepanier is a repetition of my communication with Nathalie Roy’s office back in August 2016 with Alexandre Lahaie.

So, let talk about it. If you still think those people work for the citizen.. you are wrong!

Let me show you ..

But first, let me tell you that Alexandre Lahaie got a job with the governement of Quebec because he is a “friend” of the party in power ; the Coalition Avenir Quebec. He was given a job at the “minister of health”. It also had been reported , but nothing was done. Between friends.

So, in August 2016, i did contacted Nathalie Roy’s office to get help for the same reason i did with Sylvie Trepanier earlier this week.

I was complaining that the Quebec’s Bar was doing “discrimination” and “abuse of power” against me. I also told him about my story with Hillary Clinton’s servers and James Comey (ex-director of the FBI).

BTW, Sylvie Trepanier also was showed those similar documents to see…

You see why they are lying and refusing to help me? First, because they are crooks and second, because they are protecting their friends.

So, in August 2016, i contacted Nathalie Roy’s to get help against the corrupted Quebec’s Bar. First, Alexandre Lahaie contacted me to ask me my phone number so that he could call me…

Well, instead of giving him my phone, i wrote him an email with all the explanations. To that, Alexandre Lahaie wrote back… with some bullshit lame excuses…

Alexandre Lahaie doesn’t know how my member of parlement representative can’t help me.

Alexandre Lahaie even mention that the office of Nathalie Roy’s need “big” transparency”… So big, they refuse to meet with me. They didn’t want me to record the conversation. They don’t like to have their bullshits recorded.

Alexandre Lahaie did try to help me… he had “SERIOUSLY” recommend that i contact ; .

Well, i am probably just stupid, because 2 years earlier, in October of 2014, i did contacted “JuriPop” to get help to find a lawyer.. i even forward them an email that i did send to the L.A.P.D., the FBI, the CIA and also ; Chris Lahatte. BTW, the Quebec provincial police did visit me on the behalf of the LAPD in 2016.

So, i wrote back to Alexandre Lahaie..

He answered back that my case was “extreme complexe”. And, he invited me to contact the Minister of justice of the time ; Stéphanie Vallée. It was on August 19th 2016..

Alexandre Lahaie event wrote that i wasn’t wrong, i do need a lawyer!

Well, i can only agree with Alexandre lahaie… everyone who knows about my story all know that i need a lawyer.. only the corrupted Quebec’s Bar who don’t understand. The Quebec’s Bar had been violating my rights since 2015 voluntary with lies. And meanwhile, i did learn the same Quebec’s Bar had been covering a crime done by their “board members”. The Quebec’s Bar has no credibility what so ever. They are a bunch of crooked liars such their syndic(ate) ; Guy Bilodeau and Guylaine Mallette.

So, Alexandre Lahaie did talk to Nathalie Roy about my problem with the corrupted Quebec’s Bar. And, the only think they could tell me is that i could contact the minister of justice Stephanie Vallée myself.

Alexandre Lahaie also suggest me to contact the media…

Well, that is really funny,, because… Alexandre Hébert is an ex-journalist… So is Nathalie Roy…

Nathalie Roy is also a lawyer. And, now a minister.

Alexandre Lahaie even recall me that i should contact the minister of justice myself…

I guess it an easy task to do ; calling the minister of justice…

So, Alexandre Lahaie told me a third time that i should contact the minister of justice… ( BTW, i did… they ignored me.. you won’t believe how scrappy they are.. you got it right… they will also be expose later on)…

En… 2 weeks later, Alexandre Lahaie was still telling me to either contact the minister of justice or the “Protecteur du citoyen”.. Well, you won’t believe this, but i also did contacted the “protecteur du citoyen” .. they laugh at me when i told them i was talking to the FBI… And , yes.. i did record the conversation.. and you will be able to listing to it soon!

Sound like i am complaining? Nope… just exposing the corruption at the Quebec’s government. You will see… i will get there eventually.

So, Alexandre Lahaie…

BTW, Nathalie Roy like to complain that women are not taken seriously when they complaint… Well, Nathalie Roy should instead say that citizens are not been taking seriously by MP like her. Fool!

So, basically, Alexandre Lahaie never wanted to help in 2016. It didn’t change with Sylvie Trépanier in 2018….

As Alexandre Lahaie, when the government of Nathalie Roy was elected , he was giving a job at the minister of health. I did contact him since.. he has not changed a bit….still a loser.

I even asked the government what they think about Alexandre Lahaie getting a job since they do like to talk about transparency.. They don’t see a problem.. between pals!

And, imagine this.. i also contacted another member of Nathalie Roy staff in the middle… ; Jean-Bernard Emond.. witch has become MP himself in October 2018. Well, i will exposing him .. If you want to see a very low life politician without any credibility.. Jean-Bernard Emond is your choice.

I also did contacted their political party ; Coalition Avenir Quebec .. guess what.. they don’t even botter answering back.

so next, let talk about Jean-Bernard Emond. if you don’t know him… well, you will see who he doesn’t give a shit about citizens.

Jean-Bernard Emond
Alexandre Lahaie

So, the governement’s Ethic commissaire says they if i want to complaint about Alexandre Lahaie getting a “job” at the government as a gift, it has to be done by a member of the parlement… but the member of the parlement don’t give a shit about citizens….

Well, are you surprise? Probably not.. so, let notify the Permanent Anti-corruption Unit…