Sylvie Trepanier

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Sylvie Trepanier is chief political advisor to my member of parlement representative in Quebec ; Nathalie Roy, witch is also a “secretary” (Minister) in the Quebec’s government ; Coalition Avenir Québec aka CAQ.

François Legault, Prime minister of Quebec and Nathalie Roy.

BTW, Nathalie Roy is trying to “defraud” the citizens of their money with a fake debate on “newspapers”. I will expose this later on.

For now, let talk about Sylvie Trepanier.

On May 6th 2019, i contacted, via email, Sylvie Trépanier to schedule a meeting with my member of parlement representative ; Nathalie Roy.

So, Sylvie Trepanier wrote back the next day to ask me why i wanted a meeting with Nathalie Roy… She want to “evaluate” my reasons before giving me an answer. Sylvie Trepanier and other political staffers are mostly “shields”.

So basically, i told Sylvie Trepanier how the Quebec’s Bar was doing “abuse of power”, “discrimination” and “lying”. I also told her about my story with “Hillary Clinton” and the FBI about the “presidential election” that i had been exposing here; on this website and other places.

I also told that the Quebec’s Bar was violating my rights for years by granted me from having access to a lawyer. I even show her “documents” to back up my statement.

So, Sylvie Trepanier, an non-elected individual , who act on behalf of my MP ; Nathalie Roy has decided that she couldn’t help and won’t allow me to have a meeting with my government representative.

Sylvie Trepanier says it’s not my MP’s representative to see about it. In Quebec, the politicians are not responsable for nothing…

Well, i asked Sylvie Trépanier to explain her decision of refusal.

I also asked her to provide the name of who would be responsable then if not my member of parlement representative.

Sylvie Trépanier has not answer back since. I do received “email confirmations”…

Well, Sylvie Trepanier should know that all “member of parlement” represent all “citizens”.

But the reality is the politicians in Quebec don’t give a fuck about citizens., except those who bend over for them.

In Quebec, the politicians don’t work for, but against the citizens.

I have invited Sylvie Trepanier to provide an explanation for her refusal. and also provide the name of the person who is then responsable to see about my problem.

And, if she couldn’t provide a satisfaction answer, then i had advise her that she could be arrested on “criminal negligence”.

The hided email is a police officer.

So, i am done with people like Sylvie Trepanier. But i am not done with Nathalie Roy’s staff. I will also show you how Nathalie Roy’s previous “staffers” are. You could eventually search on Alexandre Lahaie and Jean-Bernard Emond.. If you think the government still work for the citizens in Quebec…you are wrong!

Meanwhile, i ask everyone to contact Sylvie Trepanier to ask her who is responsable in Quebec. After years of search, we still haven’t find someone who is.

You can also visit Nathalie Roy’s website