Bill and Hillary – The end of an era

Do you know Bill Gates? He is the founder of Microsoft… You probably know that is owns by Microsoft… BTW, did you noticed “Randy-Maugans-i-iz-untruthfull-dishonest-and-i-lackz-intergrity”? Remember it… You probably also know that Microsoft is the owner of “”… You probably also know that “” is also owns by Microsoft… BTW, Microsoft is an accredited registrar … Continued

Coalition Avenir Quebec – A government who don’t care about their citizens.

In Quebec, since October 2018, the political party ; Coalition Avenir Quebec aka CAQ had been elected ,with only 36% of the vote, the government of Quebec. And guess what, with 36% of the vote, they are in “majority”… elections are a scams. You might remember some of their “members of parlement”… Sonia Lebel ; … Continued

Sylvie Trepanier

Sylvie Trepanier is chief political advisor to my member of parlement representative in Quebec ; Nathalie Roy, witch is also a “secretary” (Minister) in the Quebec’s government ; Coalition Avenir Qu├ębec aka CAQ. BTW, Nathalie Roy is trying to “defraud” the citizens of their money with a fake debate on “newspapers”. I will expose this … Continued