Claudia Premont – ex-head of the Quebec’s BAR.

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You probably remember Claudia Premont, ex-head fo the Quebec’s BAR, who has been refusing to help me, even if she knew that the lawyers were refusing to help me to initiate a lawsuit.

Well, Claudia Premont also knew about the internet corruption and also about “Hillary Clinton”.. and this before the presidential election..

I told her on October 27th 2016…

I even inclosed this attachment to my email …

Claudia Premont and the rest of the Quebec’s justice are “partner in crime” of all the internet fraud that i had been exposing to them since 2011. She is a traitor to me. To the American people and to all the citizens of the world.

Now, the Quebec’s justice is trying to silence me. Please support me and boycott the most corrupt province in Canada ; Quebec.