DPCP – Annick Murphy – Prosecutor in chief Quebec

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Annick Murphy is the “prosecutor in chief” in Quebec. I had told her all about the Quebec provincial police not doing their job. i told her about the Quebec’s Bar refusing to provide me a lawyer. I also told her about the internet corruption.. and all this starting in 2015… She knew it all, but did nothing! Instead, her office had put accusation against me for “harassment”.

I had told Annick Murphy all about my story on December 2nd 2015…

Her office even responded to me 2 days later… with a pathetic answer…

Since 2011, the government of Quebec had been violating my rights to justice!

They all knew about the “internet corruption” and my problems with The Quebec’s BAR and mostly she knew all about the dishonest Quebec Provincial police and much more. They protect themselves between themselves!

Please support me and boycott the most corrupt province in Canada; Quebec!