Julie Lavertu – Montreal Police – A dishonest investigator!

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Julie Lavertu is an “investigator” at the Montreal police aka SPVM.

Julie Lavertu had me arrested on false allegations on July 24th 2019.

Julie Lavertu didn’t even made any verification about those plaignants statements. Because , if she would had done some simple verifications she would had know that they were lying (perjury) and also know that they were only complaining for vengeance for exposing their crimes!

The complainers are ; My ex-lawyer ( the court defend me from telling her name) witch as provide a false statement (perjury).

Paul-Mathieu Grondin and the Quebec Bar and the Minister of justice. They all acted from revenge from exposing their crimes and cover ups.

So, Julie Lavertu decided that i was guilty until proven innocent! Julie Lavertu should know that everyone is innocent until prove “guilty”.

Julie Lavertu is herself under investigation by https://deontologie-policiere.gouv.qc.ca/en/le-commissaire.html for her bad work and abuse of power! She is a very dishonest policer officer. The case ID is 104-19-1418

Julie Lavertu is mentally unfit and very dishonest. She shouldn’t be a police officer. As i was reading her “documents”, it was obvious to me that she is not educated.

Julie Lavertu has no clue about “American politics” and about those subdomains that i am exposing here. She really don’t know what she is talking about. Julie Lavertu might just want to shut up instead of saying anything.

So, i wrote an email to Julie Lavertu to give her a free course.

Well, Julie Lavertu wrote back telling me that if i write to her again, she will accused of me “harassment”.

Well, maybe you should all send her an email and let her know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty!