Justice for sell!

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Well, on January 26st 2019, i had complain to the police against my ex-fraudulent lawyer ( The court is prohibiting from telling you her name)..

And, you probably know that the police has violated my rights by closing my complain.

But, see on July 24th 2019, i was arrested by the Montreal Police S.W.A.T. Team with machine guns! ( i was never arrested before in my life! I am over 50 years old! I never got into a street fight!).. it’s just abuse from the police… to intimidate me with a big show!

In fact, i was accused of “treat” and “extorsion”.. Since, they had dropped the charges of extorsion… because actually , my ex-fraudulent lawyer had invented a story against me. it was supported by the corrupt Quebec’s Bar with the complicity of the Minister of justice of Quebec. Both has cover up crimes!

As for the “treat”.. i will have a trial on October 21st 2019. But, i did spend 14 days in a prison because of their insanity! They all will get sue!

And see this,, i am granted to get in touch with my ex-lawyer ( Ain’t like i wish to .. she is stupid as fuck!) And i was also granted to contact the Quebec’s Bar and the head of it ; Paul-Mathieu Grondin.. see why.. i had exposed a $500,000 fraud by him and his team of crooked board members. In fact, it was covered between themselves with the complicity of the government.

And i was also granted to contact the Minister of justice and their dishonest staff. Believe me, they are very dishonest people .. and also very incompetent.

In fact, why don’t you call them and ask them what they did about the $500,000 fraud allegation against Paul-Mathieu Grondin. I suggest that you record your conversation when talking to any incompetent staff at any Quebec’s government office.,, they have a reputation to say anything except to give a true and right answer to your question. That is how they protect themselves between themselves…with garbage!

Téléphone : 418 643-5140
Sans frais : 1 866 536-5140
Courriel : informations@justice.gouv.qc.ca

You could also contact directly the sous-minister of justice ; France Lynch by email at : France.lynch@justice.gouv.qc.ca

You could also contact the director of complaint ; Celine Dufresne at celine.dufresne@justice.gouv.qc.ca

And the super dishonest Nicole Leclerc (witch she is mispelling her name on her communications so you can trace her back… but… nicole.leclerc@justice.gouv.qc.ca

You could also just try their general email at informations@justice.gouv.qc.ca

And again, i suggest you records your conversation with them.. they have an habit of giving bullshit answers to not answering. and if you insist like myself , they might just invent a story to get you off their back.. like they did with me. Very dishonest people.

So, strangely, all those dishonest individuals has conspire against me to have me arrested on fake accusations for vengeance because i had been exposing their crimes and bullshits stories.

Please boycott the most corrupt province in Canada ; Quebec!

See this magazine Maclean,, they even wrote an article back in 2010 about all the corruption in Quebec.. Well, almost 10 years later,, it’s worst.

So, i had been exposing their dirty business within the justice..

In respond, they built a fake case against me to get revenge!

They had used my ex-fraudulent lawyer to get to they goal!

See… on March 8th 2019… i had told my ex-lawyer’s lawyer that i did opened a complaint against them for “fraud” and “extorsion”.. My complain is very legit.. i just can’t show you to avoid more problem with them.. but don’t worry , i do have a lot of story for you coming out soon! 😉 You will see who corrupt it is in Quebec.

And again, all those clowns has conspired against me with a fake dossier to have me arrested to intimidate me and silence me… just for revenge.

See… On march 8th 2019.. i told the lawyer of my ex-lawyer that i went to the police to have “fraud” and “extorsion” against them…on January 26th 2019.

So, what they did next? 3 days after i told them, they went to the police to open fake accusations against me for revenge!

See, ,, i told them on March 8th 2019… they complaint on March 11th 2019…It’s purely abuse of power.. and revenge from them…

What a coincidence.. only 3 days after… revenge.

BTW, the super investigator who work on this garbage is Julie Lavertu.. you could contact her if you want and ask her what happened with the “extorsion” charges against me.. they dropped it.. just all garbage! She is a very incompetent investigator.

Julie Lavertu “Matricule #6118 (SPVM – Montreal police) 855, Crémazie East Montreal Qc H2M 2T7 tel: (510) 280-2617 cell : (438) 985-6096 fax : (514) 280-0680 email : julie.lavertu@spvm.qc.ca 

And strangely , i was granted to get in contact with my ex-laywer, the Quebec ‘s Bar and the minister of justice.. they all conspire against me to silence me and get revenge.. but they also the same crooks that i had exposed! What a coincidence!

Please boycott the most corrupt province in Canada ; Quebec.

Don’t visit us! Don’t invest in Quebec! Don’t spend a dime here! When people will understand it s all corrupt in Quebec.. they will ask answers to them.. instead of buying their bullshit.