Marc-Andre Dowd – Another dishonest individual of Quebec

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Since 2011, i had been fighting against the corrupted Quebec govt , the corrupted Quebec Bar and the corrupted police in Qc to get justice.

Over the years, they all had been violated my rights to justice. They even lie to protect themselve between themselve. Not only that, but they are also covering up all the criminality that i had been exposing. They all know about it.

In Quebec, ,it’s all corrupted and run by gangsters. Don’t ever trust the governement. In fact, you should boycott them. Don’t visit Quebec. Don’t invest in Quebec. Don’t spend a dime in Quebec.

So, in 2011, i did when to the police about this fraudulent internet.

The complain was handle by the dishonest Quebec provincial police. The only thing they did was lying to close my complain.

The corrupt Quebec Provincial Police | BDQ

As you can see in the post, the minister of security even defended their poor work.

In 2011, i even complain to the corrupt “Quebec police deontology”… and their dishonest Helene Tremblay had said they did a good job!

Well, you can write to Helene Tremblay and ask her to explain those subdomains…

Her email is “”

So, since i got a lot of proofs… i decided to write to another dishonest and corrupt individual ; Fady Dagher, director of the Longueuil police to open an investigation on those subdomains.

Fady Dagher – Director of Longueuil Police – Violating my rights to justice | BDQ

You can ready Fady Dagher at and ask him to explain those subdomains. You will see how dishonest he is.

I will publish some emails where he knows about it.

So, Fady Dagher has refuse to open an investigation… i then complainted (again) to the corrupt “Quebec Police Deontology” …

And as usual, they came up with some bullshit excuse to protect those dirty cops in Qc. Don’t be surprise, they all work for the same minister…the minister of security.

So, the commissar of the Quebec police deontology ; Marc-Andre Dowd says the police haven’t violated their code of conduct. Well, maybe not because their code of conduct is saying nothing much.

The police can violate your right to justice.. and they aren’t violating your rights.

You can contact Marc-Andre Dowd and ask him to explain those subdomains below… He saw them… same for the police… They can’t explain nothing… they rather just violate my rights.

Here is Marc-Andre Dowd letter saying that he is closing my complain because i haven’t bring nothing new to my case…

But, Marc-Andre Dodw is not talking about their bullshit answer in the first place where they don’t even answer to my complain!

BTW, Helene Tremblay who has answer to my complain is the same dishonest person who had answer to my complain in 2011. She is more than dishonest.

So, write them an email.. .and ask them to explain those sudbomains below… you will see they are dishonest…

So, i am “Ben Deschenes”.. ask them to explain all those subdomains.. they know about them…. but they can’t!