Quebec’s police deontology commission (Commission de la déontologie policière du Quebec)

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In Quebec, if you want to complaint about the dishonest police force, you can address your complain to the Quebec’s police deontology commission.

But, you know what? Don’t expect much from them. Police officer are really find guilty of nothing.

Here is why….

The police force in Quebec are overview by the Minister of security….witch is also overviewing the Quebec’s police deontology commission. They protect each other. Don’t waste your time with any of them.

In the past, i had complain about the dishonest work of the Quebec provincial police officer ; Daniel St-louis.

i had complained that he couldn’t do a honest work because he has refused to meet with me but mostly because he has refused to see my 5,000 documents at the time…in regards of internet…

And, as you could see in the post “The corrupt Quebec provincial police”… i also did complain to the “minister of security” about his work.

First, the minister of security was very concern about my statement.

I even wrote later on to tell them it was impossible that he could had done a good investigation because i told them he refused to take possession and even see my documents.

So, what did the minister of security did about my complain? The wrote to the Quebec Provincial police headquarter and ask them some explanation… and closed my complain!

BTW, they didn’t even let me know.. it’s me who contacted them because i had no news from them!

But, you see… the minister of security won’t investigate a police from the Quebec provincial police… they are working for them!

I even complained to the “Quebec’s police deontology commission”… it’s pretty obvious that the police officier ; Daniel St-Louis couldn’t had done a good investigation.. first, he refuses to see my documents…and second.. well, read my other posts… they couldn’t even tell you what i am talking about.

In Quebec, those fools protect themselves between themselves.. they don’t have any credibility what so ever.

See,,, in 2012, i even complained to the Quebec POlice commission about Daniel St-Louis work… i told them it was impossible that he did a good investigation when he refuse to see my documents…

And, i was told by the commissar ; Nathalie Tremblay ( a lawyer) that she did when to see their files and concluded that he did a great job! BTW, she never came to see me…

i even complaint to her boss or collegue… Charles Lord…about the dishonest Nathalie Tremblay work on my complain…

You see their game in Quebec? They protect themselves between themselves.. they will lie and tell you all kind of bullshit story.

And guess what about this crooked lawyer at the Quebec’s police deontology ; Nathalie Tremblay….

Lately, 7 years later.. i complaint against the ignorant and dishonest police officer ; Julie Lavertu who had me arrested on false allegations by my ex-lawyer and the crooked Quebec’s Bar and also by the minister of justice…

it was also Nathalie Tremblay who did look into my complaint about that dishonest police officer… and guess what? As usual,, the police ain’t guilty of nothing!

See.. those crooks protect themselves.. it’s all in the family… don’t waste your time with them anymore…

BTW, Louise Letarte, another laywer who also work at the Quebec’s deontologie commission.. knew all about my internet story and Hillary Clinton….

i told her in October 2016.. before the presidential election…

Louise Letarte did change her email address since.. she is not using their “general” address….

So, on October 2016, i told Louise Letarte about Hillary Clinton and my story…

I even showed her these documents below…

See,,, here is a copy of email sent to Louise Letarte…

The government of Quebec has been violating my rights to justice!

They are traitors to me! They are traitors to the American citizens! They are traitors to the citizens of the world!

Since 2011, they had been lying and covering their crimes.

Please support me and boycott the most corrupt province in Canada ; Quebec!

Watch this video.. some guy did a robbery in a pharmacist… the police chase him… the guy lay down to surrender without resisting… 4 police officers jump on him… and beat him up.. broke his teeth and some bones…

Guess what… the police were found non-guilty of abuse by the Quebec’s police commission.. you see.. they protect themselves between themselves.. they are all part of the same mafia.

the arrest happened in a school yard.. a video camera caught it all… but, not enough for the dishonest Quebec police deontology commission… it’s all corrupt in Quebec, especially at the justice.

The Quebec police deontology commission is also suppose to see into who closed (violated my rights) at the Longueuil police dept. for closing my complain against my ex-fraudulant lawyer. ( BTW, the police says she didn’t do nothing criminal.. when the facts show she did commit fraud and stole from me).

Since 40 days.. the Quebec police deontology commission knows who violated my rights, but as still refused to tell me his name. I want to charge them with “abuse of power”‘ and “obstruction of justice”.. i am still waiting … to find out their bullshit stories .

When i did complain in September.. i did have not news.. so, i contacted them.. and they made me believe that i didn’t complained!

So, i can’t wait to hear their next bullshit story to expose them.

I will keep you updated.