The dishonest Longueuil police

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On January 26th 2019, i went to see the Longueuil police to open a fraud complaint against my ex-lawyer.

My complain was taken by the police officer ; Nancy Jobin. (

The ID of my complain was LGM-190126-018

I never hear any news from them until August 2019, when i hear from the Montreal Police that my complain had been closed by them.

The Longueuil police never meet with me. They never even saw my documentation. They simply closed it. The police and the Qc govt has been violating my rights to justice since 2011.

The Longueuil police are dishonest and hypocrites. Never trust them. Don’t even botter to visit them. You will be wasting your time like i did. They are crooked.

The director of the Longueuil police is ; Fady Dagher


Click here to read my statement giving on January 26th 2019. Mrs. X is my ex-laywer and Mr. M is her lawyer.