The conspiracy of the crooked justice in Quebec

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On July 24th 2019, i was arrested on fake “accusations”. It was truly an abuse of power, but mostly for revenge.

In fact, it’s purely “abuse” from the corrupt Quebec’s Bar…They are actually trying to silence me because i had exposed their fraud…and corruption…witch has been covered up by themselves..

So, i was arrested for revenge after they built a fake “dossier” against me…

The complaint was open by ;

The corrupt Quebec’s Bar… for exposing their cover up on Paul-Mathieu Grondin…

The minister of Justice… for covering the “fraud” of the Quebec’s BAR…

And my ex- lawyer , witch i can’t tell her name because of a court order… for exposing her “fraud” and “extorsion”…

Well, this is very strange because i had been exposing them 3 and their crimes and corruption…online. It’s probably just a coincidence.

I can already tell you that it’s an abuse of power of the crooked Quebec’s Bar with the complicity of the minister of justice to get revenge…

My ex- lawyer didn’t want put charges on me , but only to give me a warning… it was in October 2018. The super incompetent investigator ; Julie Lavertu even mention that on October 10th 2018 , the detective Patrick Clouâtre has contacted me and i had recorded the conversation and had put it online.. and, so what? Ain’t a crime… Doh! I can record my own phone calls if i want and publish them online.

You could probably reach this police officer at his email at ; if you want to verify with him. But, i still a copy of the conversation… In fact, my ex-fraudulent lawyer has asked YouTube to take down the recordings… but, i had put it back on my site with my servers… it’s my choice! And, actually it will be put back on later after i censored her name.

My ex-lawyer after , then went on filing her second complain on March 11th 2019, and told the police officer to justify her complaint that i had keep on contacting her by sending her many emails. It’s a complete lie from her! I haven’t even had send her 1 single email after talking with the police officer Patrick Clouâtre after October 10th 2018.

My ex- lawyer is a bad liar and could false “perjury” in court. I can’t wait to listing to her statement. The trial is set for October 21st 2019, but you won’t see nothing much happening on that day. In fact, i am not even sure that she will make it to that date without been arrested before. We will see…

And, my ex-lawyer said , to justify her complaint, that i had open a complain against her to the corrupted Quebec’s Bar… Like if it wasn’t justify… BTW, don’t even waste your time with the Quebec’s BAR syndicate. they are very dishonest.. they are only there to protect their owns crooked members.. Instead, i suggest you built a case on them.. and send a copy to the Attorney general of Canada and had it publish on internet. The Canadian Civil rights of liberty chart allows you to express yourself.. but, my ex-lawyer has obtains a censorship against me because i didn’t even botter to go to the trail.. not because she was right! Big difference.

So, soon, i will expose what truly happened with my complaint. You will then see how corrupt their are at the Quebec’s BAR.. ..Ain’t that right ; Guylaine Mallette? Guylaine Mallette will also be facing the justice for “abuse of power”, “discrimination” and “criminal negligence”. A complain will be file again against her soon.

Meanwhile, you could ask Guylaine Mallette if she had been lying. You could contact her via her email at :

BTW, if someone has a picture of her.. please send it to me.. it’s always nice to put a face on a name.

So, my ex- lawyer also mention that she has ended the contract between her and myself on September 5th 2017… Well, she forgot to mention that i had first fired her in May 2017, but she begs me to keep her. Don’t worry, it’s documented. It will eventually come out…

BTW, all of her complaint against me had happened after i claim her money.. She don’t show what happened before September 5th 2017. Why do you think ? She don’t want to show it.. She thinks i insult people for nothing.. I believe that she needs to have a psychiatric evaluation.. She is giving sign of been “nuts” and “instable” herself!

And they say i “treated” them.. witch is another lie of her,, the truth is i had insulted them by calling them “stupid” and “dumb”… Doh! As for their suppose “treat”.. it’s has been taken out of context to make me look bad.. and again, if did, i must have had some reasons.. In fact, i got a few.. She is a very dishonest individuals.

BTW, in the report, the police says they need to take “fast” action againts me so i don’t deleted any documents ( proofs).. Stupid as fuck… i am more than transparent and i do publish my documents.. but them, , they tried to have me deleted them… Can they chew gums and walk at the same time ? Probably not.

So , do you know why my ex- lawyer didn’t want to put charges against me? It’s because that she knows what she did and it will all come out at the hunt her back. Her credibility will be destroyed.

And , see she was represented by another lawyer .. witch i had also accused him with my ex- lawyer of “fraud” and “extorsion”….on January 26th 2019… But, was closed since by an anonymous individual witch we will find out later her or his name because it s an abuse of power and truly a violation of my rights. An investigation will be open and a lawsuit will follow.

And strangely, the lawyer of my ex- lawyer was contacted by the super incompetent police investigator ; Julie Lavertu and has told her on June 11th 2019 that he also didn’t want to put charges against me… why? Because he also knows that he did “extorsion” with her and it will all come out against him in court…now, both are screwed.

He even go saying that i am “nuts” ( instable)… Really? What a retard this lawyer. I can’t wait to see him in court. He will be humiliate.

So, why did i an opened a fraud and extorsion against the two clowns-lawyer? Here is a short story…

I wasn’t happy with my ex- lawyer works ( she has charged me for works she didn’t do, she has over charged me, she has put pressure against me, basically she has worked against me.. She is also responsable for making my lawsuit against GoDaddy and friends voluntary. It was a multi-millions lawsuit.

She had also violated her code of conduct of the corrupt Quebec’s Bar, but they had protect her with lies.. Don’t worry, it will all come out soon.

For an example, she had charged me near $400 to read 126 emails from me. You will then expect that she knows what you are talking about.. but later will tell ask me why i want to GoDaddy! Well, wouldn’t you feel that she never read your emails with such a question? The answer would be yes. So, then , you could probably ask for a refund.. that is what i did by asking her.

But, my ex- lawyer has refused to refund me part of the money giving to her. So, i exposed her on ( with was closed because of her bad work again). She only does shit!

So, she didn’t like it.. and hire a lawyer. So, they sent me an “intention of lawsuit” on December 27th 2017 ( first time) asking me to deleted all those posts against her where i was exposing her duty business. And actually, i was only publishing her owns emails…Triple doh!

But, after 2 months and multiple emails exchange with her lawyer… we agree that she will refund me $500. She is truly a bad lawyer, not just dishonest!

BTW, as i was also of good faith, when i did received the “lawsuit”, i deleted the posts before we even started the negociation.

Then, for two months, they fake making the payment ( refund) and invented all kind of lame excuses for not making the payment that we did agree on. They even offer me to take “cash” twice, witch i had refused both time. I suggested that they send me a check.. they did agree, but never send it.

BTW, you really need to come to the trail.. just to know who she is.. you could avoid yourself a lot of problem by dealing with her. She is really a “nut case”.

So, for justifying their “non-working” payment problems , they told me that there were always some problem with Paypal…

BTW… PayPal was owns by Elon Musk.. witch is also the owner of “”…

Also, as i am more than nice with my ex- lawyer, i made her a very nice website and gave them very good tips to get more visitors to their website because my ex- lawyer website was terribly ugly and built so badly that i had her in pity and decided to make her a website while i was waiting for their payment… witch never come.

They were so happy with the website i did for her that her lawyer had offer me to give me an extra $500… but never did at the end. Both are very dishonest individuals.

So, when i saw they were playing game with me with their lame excuses for not making the payment….I decided to wait for the payment.. for two months.. then, i contacted my ex-lawyer ‘s lawyer to get some news about the payment.. it was on April 4th 2018…

Then , the lawyer told me that his job was to negociate an settlement only with me , and it wasn’t his problem if the payment wasn’t done.

BTW, he even told me that he would make the payment if she couldn’t …

In fact, he told me that it was the easy part.. ( really? 2 months of lame excuses.. see their game?).. and told me that the payment was the responsability of my ex-lawyer to make it, not to him. They never had any intention to give me the refund like they agree with me. The truly can not chew gum and walk at the same time… The mouth doesn’t follow their sayings… just hypocrites and liars!

So, what happened next? The next day, on April 5th 2018, i received , from those same lawyers an identical lawsuit of the first one, where we did get an agreement, the only difference this time was, instead of paying me $500 , they were now asking me to give them $2000. It’s call extorsion.

So, after, i decided to publish back my posts ( witch i was explaing in details all the frauds she did to me while she was representing myself. In fact, she not only did a bad job, but worked against me. ( the proofs will be display at the trial). And if she wasn’t .. then she is more than stupid.

So, since i didn’t care much about them, i decided to post back those article.. to give her a lesson. If you ask me, she is truly an incompetent and dishonest individual, but is “instable” herself..

To do what she is doing , you are either retarded or just stupid. In her case, probably both! You can’t imagine how i will like to tell her name. i will probably do eventually.. .. She is too much! I wouldn’t want another victim to get her services.. she will hurt you more than she will you if she act like she did with me. I surely don’t recommend her services as a lawyer.

BTW, her partner left a “positive feedback” for her on her Google+.. Ain’t because your mom thinks you re pretty that you are actually pretty!

I even told her lawyer multiple times to cancel their lawsuit.. See her lawyer with his 125 emails sent to him…. Well, i also will have a surprised for them. in court about those emails.

BTW, the lawyer of my ex- lawyer left the lawfirm where he used to work. I haven’t ask why, but i could suggest that his departure wasn’t in good term for had exchange emails with the owner of the law firm. I will interrogate him at court about it. But, it’s to believe that the lawyer was doing some case on the side ( under the table) and wasn’t giving a % commission to the law firm. It could explain why he wanted to pay me in cash..

And just to mention, , the lawyer was also having discussion with me to buy “ads space” when we were negociating but we didn’t conclude a sale because he was in conflict of interest with her client ; my ex-lawyer.. and wanted to settled this first. Ain’t he an hypocrite.. playing in her back at the same time to get some advantage.

So, they never wanted to cancel their second lawsuit.. after multiple warning. ( the 125 emails he is talking about).. so, i decided to put a complaint against them both to the corrupt Quebec’s BAR.. witch has keep on lying to protect them. The Quebec’s BAR has no credibility. They will also get sued and some of their employee will be facing criminal charges of “criminal negligence ” , “fraud” and “gangsterism”. The problem is that my rights had been violated by the police and the minister of justice…But, don’t worry, i got a plan B.. and they are not part of it.. we can escalate this. BTW, it has already been put to the attention of higher individuals.

So, all those people are wondering why i want to kick their sorry asses.. well, it s very easy.. they are dishonest individuals protecting themselves like crooks do between themselves.

So, do you know what they are all trying to do to justify their complaint against me? The are say the same lame story.. that i am “instable” or/and nuts! And for this, i might be dangerous… Well, if someone is a danger is them.. they are in authority.. but are lying and committing crimes witch they can after protect themselves between themselves. Only crooks does that.

They are a danger to democracy and justice! Why do they think the citizens don’t believe in justice no more? Because of crooked individuals like them! Well, what could happen if the citizens take the streets.. and ask for answers?

So, their game is to make you believe that i “nuts”… to protect themselves…

See.. GoDaddy’s even created a subdomain to call me “nuts”…

Well, if i am a danger and nuts as they say… , it s because i stand up to them, and their corruption and fraud. They don’t like been expose. If you ask me, they are no better than organise crime. Maybe, we should consider them as “organise crime”.. they do act like if they are.

If you want a good advise, stand up to corruption and crooked individuals like them.. the truth will eventually come out against them… You will see them go hide in their shit hole..